Isabo Creations
ISABO Creations is the portfolio of Isabelle Van Brussel. I'm a Belgian independent creative based in Ghent. Isa-belle'beau'bo - Isabo Creations: always seeking for beauty with an irresistible urge to create and from an inexhaustible curiosity for everything. I've started my freelance business in 2007 and I'm currently active in desktop publishing, graphic design and visual art. 

"I have established a lifestyle built around many years of research, creativity and hard working. I try to nourishing my talents by staying abreast of new technologies. My passion for traveling, learning from other cultures and meeting many different kinds of people in combination with my photography, paintings and drawings, inspire my work. My focus is to improve and change constantly in order to offer my freelance visual communication solutions. I work on location, as a digital nomad or from my home-office, for a diverse clientele: from banks, multinationals, advertising agencies, publishers till small starting businesses. Each command is for me an equally great challenge with the same imagination, an eye for detail, well organised personal approach and with attention to deadlines".
Isabo Services 
Creative work with a personal touch!
Corporate identity, lay-out, advertising, magazines, newsletters, banners, websites, posters, signs, graphics for exhibition stands, POS materials, brochures, invitations, cards, lettering, photo retouch, image manipulation, photography, illustrations, drawings, paintings. I invite you to look around and see what makes me different: a pure design, no nonsense and right on target.

"I believe in what I do and I'm passionate about helping my clients succeed thru design. I'm always open to new opportunities and new experiences and I'm always looking for expanding my network of professionals: art directors, illustrators, translators, copywriters, programmers, photographers, print shops, printers, web designers, internet companies, artistic forums, galleries. So if you are interested, feel free to join me on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin". Or just email or call me on +32 486 24 30 11.
Isabo Art Studio/Gallery 
Founded in September 2017 (during the Drawing Days Festival Ghent) as a little cosy exhibition room and creative workingplace. It allows you to peek inside Isabo’s creative world, focused on paintings, graphics and drawings. Please subscribe here for upcoming exhibitions and/or activities.
Isabo's artist bio (PDF )
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